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Current Kitchen & Cocktails

Current Kitchen & Cocktails is a coastal getaway, perfect for any occasion. The relaxed and welcoming atmosphere is family oriented, with indoor and outdoor seating. A playground for adults and children with an outdoor patio, hanging swings, a pond

and large BBQ pit. 

The large glass doors that open up onto the patio offer natural lighting, and gives an open feeling to the indoor seating in the main dining room. Large interior bar that is accessible from both sides of the building from the sushi bar to open seating. This is

the perfect atmosphere for families to gather. 

Client: Ele & The Chef Group


Architect: Kern & Co.

Interiors: Atelier Design & Associates

Contractor: Choate Construction

Project Scope: 2,500 SF

Location: Savannah, GA

Completion: 2017

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